Monday, Monday.

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If you don't know how to do this, I'll teach you!

Monday, Monday. What good news you bring! One class canceled, and another gets permanently moved! This means that 2011 is shaping up to be, by far, the best year in my life. I would like to thank the workers at the year factory for all the hard work that went into 2011 and would also like to say that I'll support them in the future. For reals though, this is one bomb year so far. I wonder what would happen if I pressed this button...

It's a dream come true! My Monday morning math class arrives and the prof asks us how we'd feel about a change. He looked at all of our schedules and found a time block in the late morning/early afternoon group that works for everybody and suggested a change. No math in the morning? Great news! This now means my earliest class is at 10am on Tuesdays, so my brain can spend a few hours to wake up in the morning as it likes. This also means I can literally book off 3 solid hours for (insert activity name here) and have that commitment done before classes even start!

According to this scale, your face
weighs 26.2lbs.
Apart from that awesome news, I took a lovely stroll after classes today to the almighty SuperStore. I doubt how super it is as it doesn't have a cape of any sort, nor does it wear its underwear on the outside or have a sidekick. Either way, they had one of the items I was looking for, none other than THE BATHROOM SCALE OF SCIENCE!
With the whole fitness thing on the go, it's kinda imperative to keep track of how much the ol' sack of bones weighs. Or in my case, sack of bones and then some! It's a digital display and displays to 0.2lb, which might not be much use to regular spot-weighing, but I'm being nerdy and doing something a bit different.

Behold! You are literally full of piss and shit! Hey, someone had to say it...
Luckily you lose water from
sweating and in your breath.
I'd hate to lose all 11 pounds of
water from making trips to the
shrine of the porcelain goddess!
But really, you are. The numbers to the left show some pretty interesting things. Food, water and air go in and come out, big whoop. Notice that this is an average. Notice that you and I are not robots (I think...) so that means we're not likely to be perfectly perfect. So guess what? Weighing yourself daily has a huge margin of error depending on how regularly you open the escape pod bay doors. To complicate it further, the escape pods aren't always full, and sometimes too full. We can eliminate this error though, by taking a look at the stock market of all places. They're the ones who are very ANAL about charting things such as stock prices. Like stocks, our daily values change rather quickly when you observe over a short time, daily measurements over a week, let's say. If we really want to know where the numbers lie we do some math magic to get a nice average weight. To be exact, I'll be using an exponentially smoothed average with a smoothing constant of 0.9, meaning that my weight will be generated based on a sum of the previous weights, with more recent measurements having a greater effect than the older ones. What this does is erase the day to day variation of my body weight that's caused from all the crap moving in and out, leaving me with a number that actually reflects the weight of my body (with an average amount of the above offenders included, to be accurate).

This, along with other fitness and dieting data that I pull on from time to time, isn't my own work or collection of thoughts. It's my regurgitation of what I think is a great read, if not a sound approach to the above topics. It's The Hacker's Diet. The guy who wrote this is the same guy who wrote AutoCAD, and thus owned the parent company AutoDesk, so he's pretty smart, yet as he admits, he was quite the tank as well. This is the result of his research into tackling his weight issue and it's well designed - it's useful if you want to lose 200 pounds or if you're merely looking for an easy exercise routine. Enough about that, time to introduce...

This decorative mushroom is 4g.
It may also be 3g or 5g.
THE KITCHEN SCALE OF SCIENCE! This puppy is accurate to the gram and will most likely amuse me to no end as I weigh anything I can get my hands on, as shown in the photo. What it'll actually be used for is weighing kitchens, of course. I mean food. FOOD! I'll be figuring how much (insert name of food here) I'm eating in a given meal, cross referencing that with the nutritional values and finding out exactly what goes into my body. Nutrients? Check. Calories? Check. Decorative mushrooms? Check. All of these things I'll be tracking will help me notice any consistent gaps in my nutrition profile and find out how much energy I'm shoveling into the gizzard. From there I can figure out what needs to be changed to keep me where I want to be!

This whole thing is rather interesting, a science experiment on myself, only no sulfuric acid to dodge (that I know of...) or annoying lab partners. A nutrition plan, exercise plan, sleep schedule, work schedule and a fun schedule all rolled into one, this is my mega super ultra plan! So far I've phased in the sleep schedule and have been enjoying it for sure, the exercise plan is underway and acquiring data, obviously the class/work schedule is ongoing, and the fun never stops!

Song of the day: Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant" (Part 1)
Page of the day: Impossible Nail Illusion
Pocket change: $2.88

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  1. Hah my friend spilled 18 M sulphuric acid back in high school. Thought you should know that.

  2. Now I want to know what it spilled onto...