Sometimes I make myself wonder, other times it's automatic.

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Obviously I got a new toy. Digital calipers/micrometer, 0.02mm precision. My stache is 89.41mm wide in this photo (3.520 inches for you Imperialists). Maybe if there's interest I could start measuring things by request...
Before you say anything, this will only read up to 6 inches, so you're out of luck.

As the title suggests, wondering is my idea for the day. Yesterday I was talking to my Modern Geometry prof about the distortion effects of a circle as it approaches the "edge" of a disc-like region hyperbolic space. I got a text from a friend that told me to solve (9x-7i)>3(3x-7u) and I laughed and returned the favour. I zipped through 3/4s of the crossword today in 10 minutes before class. I create rotational ambigrams for fun. WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?!?!?!

I'm like this sometimes, I get in intellectual 'moods' and yet still remain socially normal (no comments!). It makes me wonder what it would be like to have tapped into some of the great minds of our time and see how they worked, see if they were super ordered or irrational. Kim Peek's brain differed from the standard brain in that almost all communication between the hemispheres was lost, resulting in his infallible memory and instant recall. What about Einstein? Clearly one of the most famous minds of the century, but what would it be like to see his brain at work? Hawking? Feynman? Russell?

Those things in the middle he's missing?
Those are the communication links...
The sum of brainpower around us each day can often go unappreciated. Sure, it's easy when you see the brain drain around us (Farmville, anyone?) but take a moment to think of the most intellectual moment YOU had today, and the most intellectual thought YOU HEARD or READ. Yes, I'm on a university campus so I could just eavesdrop on professors in the same department chatting over lunch, but that doesn't guarantee that the peak of brilliance will always be found there. Sometimes the elegance of one's carefully chosen words in a conversation act like tactical strikes in warfare, upending the receiving end in a debate. Other times you'll find it in an obscure Wikipedia article, a well rendered image or graph...

There's a lot of brilliance around you folks. There's also a lot of brilliance around you, folks. If you're reading this, it means you're on the internet, possibly the most revolutionary information sharing system ever devised by humans. Challenge yourself to find some really obscure and neat piece of information that has to do with one of your hobbies, but take it up a few notches. The beauty of the internet is that it links obscure specialists together and makes magic happen. When all else fails, you can at least marvel at the things some people know instinctively but perplexes you to no end.

This is a huge map of the top internet sites laid out as the
Tokyo Metro system. Check. It. Out.

Enjoy your findings.

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