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Hey look, I haven't posted in forever!

While commenting on something today, my browser decided to remember my name's affiliation with this site. Guess who checked out the stats out of curiousity and found that there were still visitors? Yep, I haven't added any content in months, and I doubt many of you have come back to re-read your favourite posts, and still the views trickle in. How many? ...
Hey, just cause I haven't posted in forever doesn't mean I've forgotten how to hook the readers in with an unanswered question right before the jump! But back to the topic...

For reasons known only to FSM, I dropped writing this blog as I had learned it was a highly contagious disease carrier. Lacking the Biohazard Safety Level 4 lab facility to properly handle and work with it, the project was abandoned until the possibility for outbreak was non-existent. Sounds a whole lot more exciting than the real version, which was a combination of school work, moving out and about and those other things that happen in life.

Little did I know that while my fingers lay dormant, my blog was still twitching on the web. The spiders of the internet had found some prizes worth capturing. If you've been on the internet as long as I have, you'll snicker at my clever reference here. For the rest of you, before Google was the ruling king of the web, search engines were often said to crawl the web, giving rise to names like Metacrawler. What crawls on webs? Spiders! See, it makes sense! Oh wait, I was writing about something and then got sidetracked...

Checking out the stats, it seems that a lot of the hits to the blog were because of the images I've included in my posts. I guess this is the reward I get for linking high quality files with interesting content! There haven't been droves of people coming for my images, but it's rather surprising. Apart from the pictures of myself, which I doubt people are searching for, most all of the images I've put on here are original content. I've simply used the internet spiders search engines to find suitable pictures and then linked directly to them. Since I'm duplicating the content, wouldn't you think that the original would probably still be featured in the results, not my humble blog?

These filing cabinets are sharing files like nobody's business.

Including these trickling hits (25 last month!) I've passed the 1000 pageviews mark, though just barely. Despite hearing from people how they love to read this blog, I'm not crazy enough to think that I'm famous or generate any huge amounts of traffic (I'm guessing probably 1031 hits to date...). For whatever reason though, this blog was stumbled upon by random folks out there in the world who were looking for pictures. One person even got here by typing "you re reading" into Goliath bird-eater Spider Google...

Without being super nerdy about internet spiders search engines, it's hard to explain what's at work here, why this site has generated traffic for the sole sake of being a picture book. Still, I think it's pretty neat, and definitely a kind reminder that anything put on the internet can always be assumed to be copied somewhere.

What's next? I think I might take up the blog again, now that the biohazard crisis has come and gone. Currently I'm super excited to attend my annual family reunion / summer festival coming up this weekend, so I'll probably have lots of positive things to talk about and great music to share next week! Wahoo!

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