Another day, another Dali

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Looks like I can start to do the Dali thing!
 Huzzah! On day 74 of my mustache growth and I finally try the vertical antics of Dali's famous whiskers. I have to say that more people than usual noticed it today. I'm thinking about writing an article about the mustache for the school paper, covering just about everything I've learned. If I don't do that, I'll surely have that info posted here as well. I don't have any hard stats on the sex of my readers but I know of at least two regulars who are male that might make use of it, and at least one female who is generally pro-facial hair. I'll actually talk about something other than my mustache in the main entry, I swear! Mustache mustache mustache mustache mustaaaaaaaaaaache!

Mustache. Haha, I totally got you. But really, I'll refrain from doing that anymore. I'm actually going to make a quick post about the ongoings of the upcoming weekend! I've found that January has been rather kind so far, I'm on top of things and it feels really good, so while I have free time and the spirits to do it, I'm embarking on an excursion. See kids? Big words really do make you sound more intelligent!

After classes tomorrow I'm headed to Halifax for a variety of things. The first is to catch some live music on Friday and Saturday nights. I'm always down for a good mix of tunes and dancing. To make it better, one of my friends is the DJ on Friday! Even better is that he's an Evolve friend! For those of you who don't know what I mean by Evolve friend, I'll have a full post - at least - dedicated to that topic in the near future. I'm also couch surfing with another good Evolve friend, and will be seeing many more Evolve friends during the weekend! A mini family reunion, as it were.

Noms galore!
Besides the whole music deal, I'll try my best to attend the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning and scavenge all my food for the day from there. It'll be a fun test of my resourcefulness, a showcase of what goods are produced locally, it'll be very healthy, as much as I can help it I'll strive for zero waste with the food and any items containing it, and it'll finally add some nice pictures to the blog!

Related to healthy eating, I'll hopefully be purchasing a scale for myself and a kitchen scale as well so that I can properly attend to my new super-plan, which I'll write about tomorrowish. There may be a few other knick-knacks I pick up there. I'll try to stay away from the art supplies store, key word being try. One other big thing I'll be doing is being a guest show reviewer for Noisography! Taken right from their About Us page, in case you're too lazy to visit it yourself:

Noisography is committed to showcasing and supporting the Halifax music scene, and beyond. We aim to bring together music, musician and music lovers to an equal platform, in order to enjoy all aspects of the music community. On this site we provide you with quality gig reviews, album reviews, photos and video of as many bands as we can possibly see and hear.

I'm attending two local music events on the weekend, as is my host for the weekend (who is also Noisography's creator), so we figured it'd be a great thing to do! Noisography will have a grand total of 5, that's right, FIVE gig reviews in three days! I'll be covering the electronic music scene while Tiffany hits up some of the bands around town.

With all this being said, I have lots to do between now and tomorrow afternoon, so it's time up for this guy!

Song of the day: Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells
Page of the day: 5 Second Film - The Fastest Cancelled Kids Cartoon Ever
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