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Friday's version of the 'stache in all its glory! Friday was a day of a new discovery and a day of planning. Of what, you may be asking. You know the drill, follow the jump break!

So the first discovery is related to the fact that I like movies, art, music, patterns, computers... all those things rolled into one! I may have discovered that I find VJing to be rather fun, so I'll be checking that out for sure in the near future. There's something neat about splicing together video clips and messing with the colours and overall representation of them. What's not to like about that?

The second "of what" has been all planning stuff. Contrary to what it seems, I actually do more than just plan things, I actually follow through, I just don't always comment about that. How exciting would it be if I told you that I ate breakfast like I planned, showered like I planned, took over a small African country like I planned, etc etc. Not very (except that last bit). To round off the acquisition phase of my ultimate plan (revealed shortly!) I plan on picking up a kitchen scale and a bathroom scale.

What I find amusing about those is that their names describe where they should be placed, not what they weigh. I highly doubt you could weigh a kitchen on a kitchen scale. If you visit the post office and need to check the weight of a letter for postage rates, does it go on the post office scale? But don't trucks get weighed on the truck scale, and babies on a baby scale? English language, you are so weird.

With this brief post, Friday is complete!

Song of the day: Zed's Dead - White Satin
Page of the day: Flame Painter
Pocket change: $2.64

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