Attack of the mustache!

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Hey look! I'm not in hobo mode anymore! Does this mean that... yep! I've started assimilating the information and photos I'll need for a snazzy facial hair post in the future!

I'm somewhat excited after attending a short meeting tonight. I plopped myself down in a chair in the hive of excitement known as the office of our school paper. To make a long story short, I'm making headway with my idea of submitting an article to the paper. Depending on how I go about writing it, and what I have to say, it could end up being a feature topping in at 2000 words! Crazy!

Needless to say, this is somewhat exciting. I've tossed ideas around in my head for a bit and could draw on those for my content but I'd really appreciate any questions or suggestions you could add. What I plan on covering are the two questions I get asked the most, why and how, and then writing about what I've learned and experienced through having this crazy mustachio. Maybe even a list of names I've gotten as a result!

They didn't say anything about making them go ape...

It's been a busy day so I don't have much to say, though I do have some observations. The snow drifts have some really spectacular patterns in them if you look the right way. People should not be allowed to walk three abreast on a two-way snow covered sidewalk. The snow should change colour to something more vibrant and less eye-hurty when it decides to stick around for weeks at a time.

My final thought for the day is that I should include some more interesting stuff on here. Specifically some of the little oddities in life that have actually been explained by some intelligent person in the past that I think is worth noting. Check out today's page of the day to get an idea of what I mean.

Song of the day: Wolfgang Gartner - Killer
Page of the day: Why you tend to pick the slow lineup at the store.
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