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... and breath out.

Mmm. I love not having class at 8:15 anymore! I'm not exactly sure how I'll spend my mornings from now on since I'm always available from 8-10 and only busy from 10-11 on Tuesdays. Maybe it'll be a good time to sit down and start the blog post for the day, at least pick out the song and page of the day while I prance about the interwebs.

Something I thought about last semester that I'm trying to implement this year is a system to hold a large poster or print above my bed. See Figure 1. One problem is that there's not much you can attach to both a wall and a poster without leaving marks on one or the other. The other problem is that posters tend to sag unless you attach them 500 times per inch. What follows is my plan to maximize the hanging and minimize the damage.

Figure 1
My plan will cause tiny holes that can easily be repaired by yours truly come moving time, yet will offer sag-preventing measures to the poster... AND posters can be rigged and hung up in a matter of a minute or two. Switching between two prepped posters should only take 30 seconds! No, I have no reason to change posters that quickly, but it might lend itself to some amusing practical jokes.

Prep the poster by taping on small pieces of plastic drinking straws, let's say an inch of straw every foot. It might make more sense to figure out some special constant that'll divide the poster edges evenly so centering the pieces will be easier. Four small hooks are attached to the corners of the wall, those will later be removed and the holes patched with stuff. Stuff will be defined at a later date. Thin twine or string of some sort will be cut slightly smaller than the perimeter of the hooks; it is essential that the string has some elasticity. Tie some small loops on the ends of the string and then feed them through the straws. Put the string over the wall hooks, then you should have it almost in place, save for the gap between the loops. Enter the little piece of metal that could! Basically you want a piece of metal that you can bend into a staple type shape so that it grabs on to both loops and holds on to them, pinching them together. Depending on how close to the edge of the poster you've put your straws, and the placement of the hooks on the wall, you could create a hovering poster!

Song of the day: Hang Drum Solo
Page of the day: Darwin at work?
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