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I think I need to start writing shorter daily posts and save the longer ones for when I have the time, that way I won't get behind. Maybe write what I can in 30 minutes or something like that? Either way, I've done my workout this morning, showered and am clearly enjoying my double long espresso, which means it's now time to get dressed, eat, and go to this thing called class...

Alrighty, classes are now done. I'm thinking I should run some tests to see how much batter power gets drained from an hour's worth of recording audio in class time. I'm much more so an auditory and visual learner than anything else, which explains why I get distracted/bothered so easily by noises or people moving around during classes. Sitting at the front of the class pretty much cancels out the second problem, but I'm finding that writing notes down interferes with me listening to the prof lecture. Given that they have both a powerpoint on display and their own side-notes that they read that aren't covered on the slides, I'm kinda SOL when it comes to writing things down. Recording the lecture will let me listen to it in class and store it mentally that way, then when I get done classes for the day I can listen to the lecture again and do my note-taking then.

This applies more to my history lectures, since they're literally understanding a story, or multiple stories in parallel if you want to think of it that way. The math courses are, no surprise, procedurally based information, so the verbal explanation won't mean much unless the process is understood. Can we say pictures? I know I sure can! It's basically a requirement for me to make diagrams in Geometries class, though I'm not yet sure how to integrate diagrams into my Combinatorics class.

To give you an example of why this is, consider a problem we worked through in class the other day. Suppose there's a meeting of couples. There are n couples in total. We want to find how many ways we can arrange the people so that no person stands next to their partner. For very small examples, say n = 2, this isn't a problem to represent graphically... aBAb, abAB, ABab, AbaB. Once n gets larger is starts to get really hairy as there are so many possibilities to think of and it just isn't practical to visually explain that concept without abstracting it to the point of losing all meaning.

That being said, I'm hopeful that something will work out, or at least that the topic changes to visually oriented problems soon enough!

Side note: This blog layout is perfect... almost. The one problem I have with it is that links, by default, don't underline, or appear any different from standard text, quite unusual really. Until I can find the fix for the template I'll try to manually change any links included in the body of the posts to be underlined. As usual, the song and page of the day are always links, so I won't bother underlining those...

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