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Hide yo kids, hide yo wife!
 I made a considerable leap forward today in the realm of domestic science. My room is now looking pretty swell, and I figured it was picture-worthy... which means today you get to see my room layout! I figured you're getting to know the back wall pretty well now, so you might as well get to know the others...

We're going to go around the room counter clockwise, meaning the first wall is 'the other' wall that you always get to see, though not well enough to really make things out.

Here it is, the other wall! It lovingly displays an Evolve poster and a drawing from my Art 100 class of a chick sitting in a chair. Those lights can get somewhat annoying at times, I tend to leave them off at night. For your stalking records, when I sleep my feet are by this wall.

HOLY CRAP! ART! Yeah, I know, it's rather busy. The 'other wall' and the bulletin board wall fit around the shower in the apartment, hence the odd bulge. With the exception of the Michelangelo and Warhol calendars, everything there is my work I've done for art classes. I know somebody will ask what the thing is taped to my door. It's a vitamin bottle mounted upside down with a modified top on it that originally was from an International Delights coffee whitener bottle. When I flick the button on the bottle, my daily vitamin pill pops out. It's on the door so I can remember to have it daily.

 Here we see the entrance to my closet of ultimate doom (no, you are not seeing inside of that!) and the corner with the dresser. My bamboo is looking rather lovely, I must say. The reggae night poster isn't my work, but everything else is. The little idol to the right of the bamboo pot is a witch doctor idol from St. Maartin if I remember correctly. My parents got it for me while they were on vacation a few years ago; he's supposed to ward off sickness and keep me healthy.

Here's where all the magic happens. You can see the tool tray peeking out down below the desk, my espresso machine and bean grinder with Léon sitting on top. Books on the right are almost all academic ones, food, digital things and personal care items on the left. The Dremel tool is on the top of the shelf, and yes that is a Mr. T bobble head piggy bank! The folding easel box is holding up an older stencil of a shyguy from the Mario series that I want to revisit.

The last wall! As you can see, I finally found a solution for the sheepskin. You can also see the sneaky bananas that were hiding behind Shyguy earlier. More artwork and another Evolve poster, and yes that's a ribcage next to my bed. I love anatomy, alright? I don't think there's much else to say other than the box that the lamp is sitting on is stacked on top of my mini fridge.

You now know my room! I counted the floor tiles today, conveniently they're the 12 inch variety so I can tell you that my room is probably 100 square feet on the nose, if you're calculating it by gross floorspace. Of course the desk, bed, dresser and closet take a good chunk of that away, but what can you do! Home is home.

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  1. WOW you look like a pirate! YAAAR MATEY

  2. Yeah, with the mustache it's kinda hard to wear a bandana and NOT look like a pirate. Imagine if I had a parrot...