How is it Monday already?

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Bedhead. I has it.

Really good sleep! As in I woke up not hearing the alarm, and based on how rested I felt I was sure I overslept. Turns out it was 10 minutes before my alarm! Sleep is awesome...
Last night I got into a little trance that I liked quite a bit. Chamomile and spearmint tea at 10, listening to "Arab Chillout Mix #1", armed with implements of destruction of the artistic variety. So calm. So very, very calm. There I sat, happily painting away for a while, no other thoughts on my mind, just the art. If this could be achieved every night I will be a happy guy.

This is what Jethro's desktop looks
like. Don't judge him.
Last night, right after making my Clean Room post, I threw the link up on Facebook. That totally grabbed people's attention, so now it will be interesting to see if I've snagged some new regulars. From looking at the stats print-out I'd guess that there's 10 to 15 of you who check this place out every other day. Since the posting on Facebook the surge of hits has climbed greatly. Yes, I know that those are inflated because anyone new to this goes "OHMIGAWD! HE'S GAWT A BLAWG! JETHRO! COME READ THIS BLAWG TO MAMA, I JUS LOOKAT TH PICHERS!'. Aka they read the backlog of posts. Only time will tell if there's any new converts! Bwahaha...

One thing I noticed this morning is that besides the bedhead, I had some other stuff sticking up. THE MUSTACHE, YOU PERVS! The new wax definitely has more hold as I literally haven't touched it yet today and it's looking pretty good for a Monday morning. Sure I'll need to dab on some wax after the shower, but only the tiniest bits to round up the strays.

Today is frickin cold! Definitely a "snot freezes in your nose before your first footstep" day. In fact, my brain hurts from the cold. I still have to venture outside again and I'm already planning my route so that I can hit up a Tim Horton's along the way for some hot chocolate! Now that I've made myself a double extra long espresso (I want warmth more than caffeine!) I can think clearer and can probably talk myself out of leaving the building again until tomorrow. Temperature, windchill and the wind.
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-33  W26

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  1. I feel like this is yet another reason to come to Toronto. It was indecently warm in comparison racking in at a mild -8 with a low of -12 plus moderate windchill.