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I've spent my morning listening to this song a lot. It's just so chill and moving. Sometimes I can visualize my life in the way that the video goes, Donnie Darko-esqueness and all. It'd be neat to have a device to capture what you see, or more accurately, how your brain interprets what you see and how it plays with those images.

I know there's a guy in San Fran, I believe, who has an eyepiece that records what he sees and he can upload images and videos wirelessly, which I think is pretty cool. I'd like to see if someone has designed goggles that apply different visual effects to your visual field, I might have to research that tonight. I doubt this exists though, in order to do this in real time you'd need a fast computing rig that would be hard to minimize to a comfortable/portable level. I'll be happy if I'm wrong!

I wish DSLRs weren't so expensive. If I ever owned one I'd be concerned that I might take extended breaks from commitments and capture tons of images. At least they'd be high quality.

I'll add to this post later on in an edit, I must start to get ready for a class. This really means I'll view a few more webpages, then put pants on and go to class.

Now that I'm back, I'll write a little blurb about OkTrends. The people who run the dating website have a large user base to draw from to research some interesting statistics and that's exactly what they do with that blog. They've looked at interesting things like what makes a popular profile photo, then dive deeper to see what cameras shoot the best rated pictures among other technical specifications. One I find neat is the patterns of how users message each other within the site, like breaking down the basic rates to find out how many messages the average guy will send out before he gets a successful reply, what words will make or break your message and which types of people are statistically more compatible with each other.

There's lots of pretty graphs to help explain all the technobabble going on, but it's generally very readable and actually interesting! In case you're wondering, what conclusions they draw from the data are statistically valid, as there are literally a million people that provide the data. The only major factors that affect this are that it's more likely for an OkCupid user to have a regular internet connection and the site is more popular with the urban crowd, so you're out of luck if you wish to see how compatible you are with an Ethiopian cattle rancher.

As for the whole "Fitness Friday" content, I don't have very much interesting data yet, next week I'll have some fun stuff though!

Song of the day: Eskmo - Cloudlight
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