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A possible solution has been found! Testing is currently in progress with this. So far its pretty good, though of course it doesn't have the insane levels of sugar in the bottled versions. The verdict's still out as to if the packaging is misleading - tea is not simply food, it's simply beverage.

The lunch ladies in the SUB today were asking questions about the stache, hold off on the jokes I'm sure you're probably thinking of. Being friendly with them is nice, we usually have good conversation when I eat there, and I find that I end up getting more food or delicious toppings than average! NOW you can let loose with the jokes.

I'm heading out tonight for a reggae night at the Inn, hopefully there's a good turnout. Live music, free cover, and a depart from the regular club music that goes on. Yay for variety!

I've had lots of creative ideas today, some I may eventually be able to wear, which I think is rather exciting. If only I had a workshop for every medium possible....

Song of the day: Eskamon - Fine Objects
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