Peeling and cutting

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Who has time to make mashed potatoes with all the peeling and cutting, peeling and cutting, peeling and cutting?

I don't know why but that's been in my head lately. We'll see what becomes of it.

My little rant of the day is how I ALWAYS forget that one of my current fav beverages that isn't coffee based is still laced with stimulants. SoBe Lemon Mint green tea. it has a really nice flavour with a fun cool-in-your-mouth aftertaste, but it's also got enough guarana and panax ginseng in it to be considered an energy drink, or a semi-energy drink. Sneaky bastards! Either way, I highly recommend you try it, but before 6pm.

This morning I thought of one of those "either you understand or you don't" descriptors in life. Walking to my morning class, I was briskly reminded about "it's so cold out that I could feel my nose hairs freeze together when I breathed in", for obvious reasons.

Not wanting to clutter the posts with craploads of pictures every day I've decided to save the daily designs and sketches for a massive Art Day upload.

Song of the day: Shpongle - Star Shpongled Banner
Page of the day: Shortest wiki article ever?

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