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Marley and Me.
So here's to morning coffee and softly falling snow. It's delish and tastes exactly like Bob Marley! I'm trying to get rid of all the chocolate and sweets here with me in the room. I'm doing a fabulous job so far in my opinion, especially with the chocolate covered coffee beans.

Sleep was good last night, no problems adjusting from the bed back home that's mucho grande, no gravity induced mishaps.

This afternoon holds some exciting room cleaning. I find room cleaning is always more enjoyable when listening to some electro house music, I just chuck on the Electro House channel on and start my cleaning and organizing spree. I've grown used to the cheesy adverts that spring up occasionally, I just hope they don't start airing any potentially awkward ones while my speakers are turned up. Wouldn't want my roommates to think I need Vagisil...

The dailies will come later on today tomorrow morning!

Song of the day: Dirty South - The End

Page of the day: The Evolution Store  <--- Bio nerds beware!

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