Dream Thrust Forward

Posted by Somnium Exertus | Posted in | Posted on 22:11

Breaking news flash! The average colour of Nerds is green! An independent Canadian scientist ingested many of the small, sugar filled candies when he happened upon the qualitative discovery earlier today. When asked what ramifications he thinks it may have, he replied simply - "I should wear more green so I match!"

Ok, enough with that. For once I offer some actual substance! Here are some of the things I'll be working on and, consequently, updating to this bloggamajiggy.
  •  Sunday is U-Boat day! I'll spend that day either researching on or working on my model of a Type VII-C U-Boat.
  • Friday is fitness day! I'll be outlining what I'm doing and how I'm finding it but I'll find a way to make it exciting.
  • Saturday is Art Project day! I'll either think something up or work with an idea from someone and create, or get a good start on, the idea of awesomeness.
  • Every Day I'll do a sketch, post a song of the day, an educational topic of the day, and as usual my face will be plastered at the top of my post, followed by some words.
  • Monthly I'll do a fitness progress report and throw together a mix of interesting songs for you folk out there.
Also something I'd like to implement is a sort of "user-submitted bucket list" of things to do. I've just got to figure out a way to get it on the site, but basically anyone who reads this blog and cares to can submit some small goal, adventure, challenge, etc. for me to accomplish in a given time frame, say a week.

So there are some things to look forward to, starting tomorrow. Once I get my school schedule smoothed out I may have some more content to add. I also have a few small things I've purposely left out for surprises!

Keep on dreaming!