Dream Experienced

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I think that dreams are very much like The Matrix, they seem to change themselves to try to add depth with a disregard for continuity. In my dream, a friend of mine was lying on the floor of some building unconcious, a small crowd gathered around him. The police officer nonchalantly called him in as dead, at which point my friend sprung to life and looked for support. Apparently he OD'd on some mystery drug, but afterward there was mention of a bicycle crash involved too, yet there was no bike to be seen. My friend went from being afraid to die to being jolly upon remembering good moments in life. The cop tried to get him to sit still, as apparently there was still a strong concern that death was imminent.

The dream faded away as I gained conciousness myself, I thought about it briefly, then went back to bed. True to my friend Irene's hypothesis, I can't recall seeing anyone's mouth move when they talked directly to me; the cop had his back turned as he radioed in to dispatch, the dialogue between my friend and I was done in an 'Italian shot' when he spoke to me, his mouth only visible when he said more generic things to nobody in particular.

I guess this is your first subject introduction. I plan on making a dream log during the year to see how many I have and to add evidence to Irene's theory. Obviously there isn't a set schedule for the dreams, they're on a 'wheneverly' basis, whenever they come. Tonight I'll fill in the other activities I plan on keeping track of, and for now I'll state the obvious one, which is that I'm adding a picture to every post.

Breakfast awaits, my friends!