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This is me rocking out to some early morning wobble!
 I woke up early today, a combination of feeling rested, feeling hungry and feeling the need to be able to breathe through my nose again. Oddly enough, despite it being so early in the morning, there were other people awake who I know are in my timezone, if not, who were up earlier (in theory). With the advent of the internet, no wonder it can cause sleeping problems!
Apart from the obviously HUGE bag-o-info out there on the seas of the interwebs, there are other aspects of the technology that can mess up our natural biological rhythms. Hell, some technologies are turning us into zombies. I'm not even expending many neurons to think of a list to go on here; I'm kind of scared to see how many things I could come up with if I really tried.

I know, this isn't the original L4D, but it was already made!
First up on the list are the guilty pleasure of many. Flash games and browser games. They seem to multiply at an exponential rate as time goes on, as someone who can code a game can dump it on the net and get exposure for themselves since EA won't be picking them up any time soon. Farmville and the like are consuming lots of brain time in our world, check this page out for some proof of how far people are taking it. Casual gaming is eating up a lot of brain power for small slices of achievement in tiny alternate universes. Don't get me wrong, I'm a gamer myself, but I play my games when it's appropriate and when I have the time for them. Also, my games aren't Farmville. Quite frankly, Farmville is making me consider calling up Bill and Zoey, grabbing my SMG and going zombie hunting.

Speaking of zombies, when was the last time you had to consciously alter your path to avoid hitting a texting zombie? You know the people - head down, stumbling forward ever so slowly, sometimes even coming to a halt when they have to enter a particularly difficult word. They only notice you when you enter their field of vision, which is about a mere foot in any direction, and raise their head to either give a coy smile or to confirm that you are a movable object they almost collided with. I think the world would be a better place if we waited until we were in a SAFE place to communicate with each other. Maybe I should invest in a chest-mounted cowcatcher and run everywhere on campus.

Oh wow. This post is very quickly turning irritable. Luckily I don't own a cowcatcher so the campus should be safe. If anybody DOES own a cowcatcher I am in no way responsible for what they do with it. Unless they generate huge sums of money from it. It was definitely my idea then and I deserve a fair cut.

Song of the day: David Starfire - Shenai Wobbler (ill.gates remix)
Page of the day: Seven "modern" car technologies that are really a century old
Pocket change: $0.00 .... it's 7am, I really shouldn't have any yet!

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  1. Hello Mr.Mike,
    I have only just discovered your blog! What brought you over to the dark side? (Admittedly I haven't updated mine in like a year but I still write in my real journal where no one else is allowed to see!)
    I whole heartedly agree with your sleeping theories as it is currently 2PM and I am still in my dressing gown. That it all. :)
    Jess x

  2. Well I've had some friends who thought I would make a good blog writer, given the number of things I'm interested in and probably my quirky side too. Once I thought about it, keeping a blog would be a good way for me to keep tabs on stuff, since I'm on the computer daily by default. Also there's the small chance that I might write something that might become useful for someone else.

    By the way, don't chew me out too much when you see the state of my room!

  3. Still on top of the leaderboard!

    Booyakasha! Is this blog almost over?


    The word verification is: coitican


  4. Ahaha... zombies.

    What a terrifying thought, texting zombies. Then they could shuffle attack via social networking!

  5. D-Snap! Leaderboard will be updated soonish, but you'll likely still be on the top.

    Em - your comment reminded me of a really nerdy science topic I'll blog about soonish.