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Today was my default "get stuff done" day, as I have a light class load. Did I get stuff done? You bet I did! Not only did I get some stuff done, I managed to do some planning and organizing as well. As in the kind that'll allow me to (hopefully) become a more efficient person. What exactly got done and what has been planned? Well...

This is what my schedules used to seem
like some years in the past. It's actually
a real clock you can buy here!
First things first. With the passing of Monday it is now official that I'm locked in to the courses I'm taking. I could drop a course, but not switch to another one... which means my class schedule is finalized! Personally I've always found it hard to create a good daily schedule that works with the class schedule that I don't have full control over. Generally you need so many credits in certain subjects so you must meet those criteria first, then scrutinize what, if any, options you have to play with. This semester has worked out quite well in that the courses suggested to me by my adviser are also the courses I would have liked to take anyway. On top of that, they seem to mesh quite nicely together, which was always a problem for me before.

With schedule copies in hand (actually, they went into my binder...) I proceeded to purchase my remaining textbooks, having already scoured the internet for PDF versions to no avail. Next up was a haircut to get rid of the holiday growth. A trip to the drugstore for some supplies and I was set!

Once back home I took out my schedules, poured myself a double long espresso, grabbed my markers and ruler and stared at the pages. Time for the usual, colour-coding the classes, not too hard. My workout takes 15 minutes, as does the shower and shave, plus another 15 for checking mail accounts, a small breakfast and any other early morning badassery that needs to be doled out. My earliest class starts at 8.15, therefore 7.15 seems like a logical time to wake up and so I inked in these morning activities every day. There, my schedule is done! Until...

If you didn't get the biology joke I
made there, this is an organic photon
capturing device. According to the
file name it's actually a mouse eye,
not human. NEAT!
Holy crap! Do my organic photon capturing devices deceive me? My first math course takes over the early morning, the second in the late morning, my first history spans the early afternoon and the second history squares off the days nicely from 2-3 each MWF. Not only are my courses placed well during the day for their content, but they also have great transitioning times! What I mean by transitioning times is that I can draw a straight line across my week at a certain time and have minimal interruptions, aka perfect time to get my meals! This worked out for both breakfast and lunch, and since I don't have classes past 3 on any day, supper can be any hour I wish, and can also be regular as well! So now I have meal times planned out, my schedule is done!

Hold the presses for a second. I have my meal times worked out. I wonder if, I wonder if it could be this... this... simple. Yes! Yes it is! Any time my meal bar is adjacent to a class, it's most efficient for me to pop over to the on-campus café and grab my meals there... where I always get items with the same total. My meal card cash balance can now be calculated out precisely! What's more, on the days I catch my meals at home I'll likely use staple foods with small variations, and since I don't prepare the same things they cook up on campus my meals are varied, yet there's still a structure going on here. Oh my, an evil genius am I!

I totally just burnt your time.

That's it for today folks. I don't want to burn your precious time, just share some of my insights in case you can find a use for them in your lives as well.

Song of the day: Lemon Jelly - Nice weather for Ducks
Page of the day: NURBS
Pocket change: $24.00 (Cashed in Xmas lotto ticket wins!)

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