Snow Goggles

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That face shows my current relationship with the snow. Normally I'm fine with it, but not when it blows directly into the eyes. I'm going to try out the goggles next time I have to combat the frozen fractal fliers.

I plan on exploring some more options in databending now that I have Photoshop back online. I have a certain look in mind that I want to figure out and MS Paint won't cut it. Quelle surprise! For anyone who doesn't get what I mean by databending, I've been kind enough to write a description for you here. I might give you a tutorial later on this week!

Meine eiss! Sey iz schmelzen!

So that's pretty freaking cool, right? My thoughts exactly. Interestingly enough, for such a high-tech looking image it was edited using only Notepad and Paint, meaning that you could (technically) have achieved this look way back in 1985 with Windows 1.0!

I say technically because images used back then were much smaller, less detailed and (unless you made it yourself) super ugly... much like Windows 1.0 itself, especially if you had the misfortune of having it in colour. To help your eyes melt like the image of myself above, here's the ugliness in all its glory.

I know, I'm teasing you here. I've shown you what it looks like, told you that you already have the tools to do it and said I'll even show you how, yet I haven't told you what exactly it is! Databending is a form of glitch art, which Wikipedia categorizes as follows:

Glitch art is the aestheticization of digital or analog errors, such as artifacts and other “bugs”, by either corrupting digital code/data or by physically manipulating electronic devices. 
In the method that I used to create the picture above, I intentionally altered/corrupted the data that defined the original image. As a computer nut, I took to this rather quickly and easily since it's not the first time I've intentionally altered something. What I find interesting is the inherent random nature of the method to create these, as the actual data to create a picture follows a system of rules using a defined symbol set. It's kind of like taking a poem written in a foreign language and character set and messing around with the characters, then hearing what the poem would sound like if someone were able to speak it after you were done. Of course this means you can completely screw up and make something that's completely horrible, like this piece here. That originated from the same image as the first piece above. Yeesh, too far!

In the end, you are changing, or bending, the data that represents the image. You can use almost any program to bend the data; Notepad and Paint happen to be just about anywhere and allow you to get a feel of it. Do a quick image search to find more examples of databending and glitch art!

In a somewhat related vein, the song of the day is a remix that a friend of mine made. I think it's pretty snazzy and it's frequently a part of my playlists. Go Justin!

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