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This is how I've been most of the day. It's been snowing on and off all freaking day!
Today marks the first Scale-Model Sunday! I'm going to go with scale model rather than submarine because it's both technically more correct and it also allows me to work on other scaled projects if I'm getting seasick. Anyway, enough with the preamble, on with the meat!


Don't ask me why/how, but at some unknown time around 2 years ago I became rather interested in the German U-Boats from WWII. I think they pull together some of my interests into one package, which probably explains the deep-set hooks they have in me. They look slim and fierce, sneaky, have weapons that can attack land, sea and air, there's lots of complicated machinery that's surprisingly logically laid out, I have both historical and contemporary connections to them... they're just neat, ok?!?!

A WWI Minelayer U-Boat

Naturally I've researched quite a bit about them already, so to be perfectly honest, I haven't had to do much today, just digging up some info that would make this somewhat interesting to read at first. That, and the fact that I kind of doubt that you're familiar with some of the crazy details I've grown used to by now, so I'm cutting out the technobabble for now. You're welcome. Mach mich nicht bekommen alle technischen auf Sie!

Basically what I'll be doing in future Sundays is working towards turning this -----> 

<-----Into something like this

With lots of help from this guy. 

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