Underbelly of my Blog

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I woke up this morning and my mustache looked like a
dinosaur of some sort!
 One thing I like about keeping this blog is being able to look at the stats it gathers and see how people get here, what systems people run and what countries have been represented. Blogger gives this data to you in a nice little layout that I thought you might be interested in getting a peek at.

First things first - don't worry about what information has been skimmed from you. I can't see through your monitor nor can I pinpoint where you live. You're pretty safe... well as safe as you can be while reading my blog, that is. Sometimes following my mind can be dangerous!

 There you have it, the bare underbelly of my site's stats! I hope you enjoyed it, because tomorrow's post will be somewhat related...

Song of the day: Green Velvet - La La Land (poxy music vs kid kenobi remix) [catchy from 5:00 onward!]
Page of the day: Interesting strobe-like video artifact
Pocket change: $4.00

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  1. The stats are not showing.