Health food is expensive?

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So last time I went to get groceries I purposely bought only foods that are very dense in nutrients across the board. I wanted to find out how much it would cost to eat not just healthy food, but REALLY healthy food. It always seemed like it would be expensive but, as usual, the numbers don't lie.

What a surprise, I do something nerdy with numbers! It's actually useful this time though, I swear! Regardless of what use YOU make of it, you'll get to see what I'm finding as a result.

First up, the foods I bought:

  1. Organic Quick Oats, 1kg @ $3.19
  2. Brown Rice, 900g @ $2.19
  3. Pumpkin Seeds, 350g @ $6.00
  4. Sunflower Seeds, 500g @ $4.00
  5. Sliced Almonds, 250g @ $7.00
  6. Sweet Potatos, 845g @ $2.77
  7. Carrots, 908g @ $1.69
  8. Broccoli, 564g @ $3.49
  9. Cantaloupe, 1130g @ $3.49
  10. White Onions, 908g @ $2.99
  11. Cortland Apples, 1362g @ $2.97
  12. Navel Oranges, 4 @ $2.36
  13. Mango, 383g @ $1.27
  14. Red Bell Peppers, 490g @ $4.31
  15. Spinach, 284g @ $2.69
  16. Fat Free All Natural Yogurt, 750g @ $3.29
  17. Canned Chunk Light Tuna, 510g @ $2.67
  18. Part Skim Mozza Cheese, 500g @ $3.59
  19. Red River Hot Cereal, 1350g @ $3.79
  20. Mapleleaf Prime Chicken Breast, 432g @ $9.08
  21. Kidney Beans, 2000g @ $6.99
So you ca see two things from this, the first being that food would be way more awesome if it were free, the second was that walking all this food back by myself was heavy! I literally got a sense of what they meant by nutrient dense foods...

Some of these foods are cheaper than others, and some I'll go through quicker as well. Regardless of this, since these foods are fairly healthy and all common enough to get here, I'm not jumping on any crazy foods that you're not likely to find in your area.

Now obviously depending on your age, weight and activity level you'll have different caloric requirements than me. Keep in mind though that my meals are super healthy, so if you scaled my meals up to a standard 2000 calorie diet you'd be going overkill on quite a few nutrients.

Now that you know that my meals are balanced, I'll tell you that I'm full at the end of the day, no lie. Just how many of my dollars have I eaten? Way less than I expected.

My total cost of food yesterday was $6.49!

If I eat food on campus and have a small chicken stir-fry it'll run me about half that, and I know it's not nearly as healthy nor as filling. If I went for a large stir-fry it goes for over $6 itself. It looks like I'm winning in several ways here by getting healthier food at a lower price, the quick trip home and back takes just as long so I'm wasting no time and I can use my computer while I'm at it!

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  1. I always buy lots of healthy food with good intentions but it tends to go to waste. It tastes good to me... but not as good as junk.
    Bit upsetting really.

  2. I suppose it depends on your tastes. As you know, I can/will/do eat almost anything, as long as it's not fish. So far I've taken quite nicely to the Red River cereal, enough to not even open the oatmeal yet, nor have I even touched the rice! The seeds will last forever though, and the cantaloupe and mango have already been sacrificed.

    One thing I don't understand is why I've always enjoyed cottage cheese in lasagna and never thought to try it on its own... I love the stuff!